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Sony Handycam HDR-CX220 unboxing, review & test

The HDR-CX220 has excellent HD 1080P video quality in good lighting and if you're lucky you can find it at a bargain price. But its video gets very grainy in low light, and the cost-cutting is very obvious -- you don't even get an AC adapter!\r
Addendum: Although audible in quiet scenes, the autofocus motor noise on mine is not nearly as bad as in this review video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xx1gQg-lZ5g\r
So either Sony made a mid-production change to reduce the noise, or some are simply louder than others due to manufacturing variance.

SONY HDR-CX220 Review

Review of the Sony HDR CX220 and some videos to go along :D
Bellow full description.

The good:

-The colors are bright and the contrast is good.
-Records in Full HD and HD.
-Auto focus is pretty fast.
-Most of the videos are good to go, with no image editing needed.
-Records in 60/60i frames per seconds in NTSC and 50\\5oi in PAL.
-Takes 8.9 megapixel photos which is a nice resolution.
-Zoom of 37X digital 200X.
-Carl Zeiss lenses.
-Directional sound recording, when you record in macro the microphone silences the surroundings and focus on your macro.
-Looks good, you can choose between 4 colors and its pretty small and light.
-This camera microfone is actually pretty good, it records distinct sounds like birds, cars, fly's, and other distant sounds pretty clear.
-The program that you download from Sony to manage your videos is pretty simple and user friendly.
-Pretty good autosettings, you can be a newb and start recording right away ,the camera will automatically pick the best image settings.
-The image is pretty sharp at close range, you can take wonderful macro videos with this camera.
-The camera can record in widescreen.

The Bad:

-It´s impossible to record with full zoom without a tripod, it gets really shaky when your using a lot of zoom.
-When you stop recording your video it records the sound of you pushing the button to stop record, so if you want a nice audio in your video you will always need to edit it using a editing program.
-No external microphone jack, you cant use a external microphone with your camera which leads to the next problem.
-If its a windy day, chances are that some of your recordings will be ruined by the wind even if you use the sound option to filter wind sounds.
-If you use active image stabilization you will loose the wide angle recording, you need to choose standard Steady Shot to record in wide angle.
-If you use iAUTO Sony feature that chooses automatically all settings, it changes the stabilization to active mode and again disables wide view, so if you want more field of view in your videos, you don't have the auto settings available.
-With low light conditions, the image looses a lot of sharpness and details, but for this price range its ok I guess.
-Just rechargeable trough USB, you need to buy a recharger if you want to recharge the normal way .
-You need to be really careful while using the zoom, any rush movement and you will hear that noise in you recordings, when you finish using the zoom, be careful to don't let go the button, if you do that the button will go back fast and that makes the noise, so you need to keep you finger in the button while the button goes to the initial position.
-The colors can look a bit fake and over saturated in rainy days with auto settings.
-The materials in this camera are pretty weak and plastic, if you drop it it will break.

My opinion

It records in full HD or hd, with the right light and smooth filming you can do really nice videos, at a good price, 200 dollars (april 2013).

*Image unedited, lost some quality when converted to you tube mp4.
**sorry for the broken English, and the mediocre review. :D

Sony HDR CX220 Handycam vs iPhone 6

Sony CX220: https://amzn.to/2J2N0Xb

Which camera do you think is better? This video shows the Sony CX220 Handycam and the iPhone 6 in low light and bright light settings as well as bouncy and fast movement to show image stabilization. The results were highly unexpected and very interesting!

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